Quartz Worktops

Quartz Photo in UKOften labelled as 'engineered stone', Quartz is an ideal material for Kitchen Worktops in UK. Pure Quartz is mixed with colour pigments and resin to create eye-catching variations of Colour and Design. This mixture ensures a Durable, Stable, Non-Porous Worktop that is also Resistant to Chemicals. Quartz Worktops can be made to suit your design requirements in the same way as Natural Stone. However, in its raw state, Quartz Worktop would be an unstable material and be susceptible to chips and breakage, even under its own weight. It is the Quality Polymers used in the process of manufacturer that ensure Quartz are Strong, Hard-Wearing and Fit for use.

Enjoy heat and Scratch Resistant properties not just for a couple of months but during their entire life. Our Quartz Worktops products contain minimum 90% Pure Quartz. Further, they have a high rating of 7 on the 'Moh's Hardness Scale'.

Our Quartz Worktops are available in four stunning ranges:

Zodiaq Quartz - Developed by DuPont, this product is fully backed by a 10 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty!

Apollo Quartz - Also backed by a 10 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty from our Fabricators!

Caesar Stone - Caesarstone Worktop is the original Engineered Stone Surfacing Material. It is comprised of approximately 94% Natural Quartz Aggregates, one of Nature's Strongest Elements. The balance of the material consists of colour pigments and polyester resins.

Luxore - Luxore Worktop is different from any other Kitchen Worktops Material. The Core Quartz Crystals give a Stunning Light Play, creating an aesthetic that suggests refined Luxury and Timeless Elegance. And the Expressive Colours and Tones ensure creativity without compromise

Silestone - Manufactured by Consentino with over 70 Years Experience this outstanding Quartz is Sophisticated and Durable. No other stone product can compare to its Colour Consistency.