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Apollo Quartz

Key facts about Apollo Quartz

Apollo Counter Quartz PhotoApollo Quartz is a unique product enjoying immense versatility as it is a composite of a mineral that is varied in colour, form and type. This gives Apollo Quartz characteristics which make it the ideal material for kitchen worktops:

  • Apollo Quartz has a range of 19 individual and stunning colours
  • Worktops are hygenic and easy to clean, due to the non-porous nature of Apollo Quartz
  • Strong and durable, Apollo Quartz worktops are scratch, stain heat resistant
  • Crystalline quartz quality, no polishing or sealing required

The beauty of Apollo Quartz lies in its polished gloss finish which makes it ideal for work surfaces, cladding and even for vanity tops. Its rating of 7 on 'Moh's Hardness scale' is a true indicator of the durability and strength of Apollo Quartz kitchen worktops. Furthermore, these worktops are a pleasure to clean and maintain and will retain their beauty for years to come.

Beyond time

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Quartz as a raw material can be found in abundance in rocks, sand or even in the ground. It is not limited to certain geographical locations but can be found anywhere. Many people compare it to diamonds due to its shimmer and the fact that is it a crystal. Apollo Quartz kitchen worktops are crafted from this beautiful resource so you can enjoy a range that is durable, strong, exquisite and timeless.

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