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Texture: Radiance

3600x600x40mm - (Bushboard Espresso Worktop) £137.99
Breakfast Bar
3600x665x40mm - (Bushboard Espresso Breakfast Bar) £187.99
3600x900x40mm - (Bushboard Espresso Breakfast Bar) £216.99
3000x20x100mm - (Bushboard Espresso Upstand) £58.99
3000x8x600mm - (Bushboard Espresso Splashback) £137.99
1500x80x120mm - (Bushboard Espresso Splashback) £137.99

Texture: Riverwash

3600x600x40mm - (Bushboard Expresso Worktop) £127.99
Breakfast Bar
3600x665x40mm - (Bushboard Expresso Breakfast Bar) £177.99
3600x900x40mm - (Bushboard Expresso Breakfast Bar) £197.99
3000x20x100mm - (Bushboard Expresso Upstand) £52.99
1500x8x1200mm - (Bushboard Prima Espresso Splashback) £126.99
3000x8x600mm - (Bushboard Prima Espresso Splashback) £126.99

All Prices Include VAT
UK Delivery £60

Texture: Riverwash   

Bushboard Expresso colour sample
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  • Available as worktop & breakfast bar with matching splashback and upstand
  • Worktops have a finished edge on one long edge
  • Breakfast bars have finished edges on both the front and back long edges
  • Edging strip is included with worktops and breakfast bars at no extra charge for ends exposed after cutting to size
  • Delivery in 3-5 working days
  • Delivery charge £60 all areas of UK
  • All prices include VAT

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Riverwash texture
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Texture: Riverwash - A dramatic texture that recreates the visual aspect of naturally weathered stone