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Formica Bushboard Prima WorktopYou can expect excellent design from a Bushboard Prima product. Our range showcases a unique selection that aptly reflects everyday living. With over 50 designs to choose from you can find one that truly warms your heart. In this range you will also come across innovative colour choices which are engineered for those who want something different. Buy Bushboard Prima products if you want to be assured of complete satisfaction down through the years.

Why does the Bushboard Prima product have such a realistic and beautiful look? We pay special attention to ensure that the print definition is of excellent quality. Therefore, we have an almost perfect replica of granite, stone, woodgrain and others. This is why the Bushboard Prima collection is clearly one of our best.

Upstands and splashbacks

Splashbacks and upstands of Bushboard Prima are available in an extensive range so you can choose one that matches your kitchen worktop. The upstand frame can completely change the aesthetic appeal of your worktop.

Instead of tiling, use splashbacks to give your workspace a beautiful and elegant look. The patented 'push fit' system is easy, quick and simple. Add finishing trims as the final touch to the installation.

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