Bushboard Omega

Bushboard Worktop Photo Image of Laminate Worktops

Bushboard Omega product can be truly inspirational especially in Laminate Worktops! Their colour range can brighten any corner and give your kitchen a second life. The colours are diverse but each is unique and elegant. It's ideal for a kitchen of any size.

Buy Omega kitchen worktops if you want an excellent finish which is either textured or high gloss. The colour palette will spoil you with choice. We have serene shades of cream and white, warm shades of beige, demure greens and blues and more adventurous shades of blue, black and grey. If you want to go natural, then choose from our selection of woodgrains which offer a great finish to any design.

If natural granite is a little over your budget, then opt for a HiGloss finish which will give you the same effect. This finish adopts the most advanced surface technology but comes with a price. Most gloss finishes tend to scuff and scratch more easily. Therefore, we want you to take an informed decision before you buy a Bushboard Omega HiGloss worktop.

Splashbacks and Upstands

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When you buy Omega Kitchen Worktops be sure to get upstands and splashbacks that compliment your design. Choosing the right colour Splashbacks can change your working space into a beautiful clean working environment. To experience the beauty of granite, opt for HiGloss upstands as it will give you the same effect at a more affordable price.

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