Fitted Kitchens

We offer a wide range of manufactures kitchens at less than showroom price

  • Fitted Kitchen ImageWe supply all ranges and qualities from 23 different manufacturers.
  • Your new kitchen could cost less than you expect.
  • Simply e-mail or fax your kitchen requirements for a very competitive quote
  • UK wide installation service available under separate agreement

We supply numerous major UK kitchen brands, all of which are available at very discounted prices. What is unknown to many that are about to invest large sums in their new kitchen project is that the "exact kitchen" you are considering maybe available from another supplier at a lot less than you think. During the past 25 years that we have attended countless trade only kitchen exhibitions, both in the UK and overseas, we have on many occasions see the VERY SAME DOOR being promoted by several "to the trade distributors" then re-branded by the high street outlets. The reason for this is that many of the major brands to do not have their own manufacturing facility but rather buy kitchen doors from independent door manufactures that sell to whoever will buy. Whilst this is not 100% the rule it occurs more far more often in our industry than you would imagine. Therefore, we are sometimes able to advise if your choice of door is unique to that supplier or if perhaps its available under another name, elsewhere for less.

You may be concerned that less costs equates to less quality. Not always so. Despite some of the major sellers' massive advertising campaigns boldly stating that their kitchens are the best "value for money" this statement - more often that not - couldn't be further from the truth.

Quite frequently, we can readily beat your existing quote AND offer you a better cabinet into the bargain. For the record, among our previous customers have been kitchen designers from MFI, BandQ and Magnet and numerous other high street fitted kitchen showrooms. Why? Because we could offer a better quality and beaten both their staff discounts and "Lowest Sale Ever" prices!

Fitted kitchen furniture brands information chart:

Burbridge * * 1-2 weeks UPPER
Caple * * 1-2 weeks MID/UPP
Colonial * * 1-2 weeks MID/UPP
Crown *   1-2 weeks MID
K *   1-2 weeks MID
Multiwood * * 1-2 weeks UPPER
Omega *   1-2 weeks UPPER
Prima *   1-2 weeks LOWER
Second Nature * * 1-2 weeks UPPER
Sheridan   * 3-4 weeks UPPER