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Rustic Beech Worktop

40mm Staves
2000x620x40mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £84.99
3000x620x40mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £119.99
4100x620x40mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £162.99
4000x650x40mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £140.99
4000x720x40mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £200.99
3000x960x40mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £192.99
3000x620x27mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £82.99
4000x620x27mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £130.99
3000x720x27mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £141.99
4000x720x27mm - (Rustic Beech Worktop) £174.99
Broad Staves
1500x620x40mm - (Rustic Beech Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £109.99
2000x620x40mm - (Rustic Beech Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £159.99
2400x620x40mm - (Rustic Beech Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £213.99
3000x30x80mm - (Rustic Beech Upstand) £28.99
Danish Oil
- (Danish Oil)

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Rustic Beech Kitchen WorktopsRustic Beech, very similar to prime beech, rustic beech is chosen for variation in the finished grain. This random pattern gives a more "rustic" feel to the finish. With regards quality, there is no difference between rustic and prime beech, the distinction is in the overall appearance only. It has the same straight interlocking pattern and close grain. One of the most inexpensive hardwoods we stock, Rustic Beech offers extremely good value for money but gives an end result that looks much more expensive!