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40mm Staves
3000x620x40mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £179.99
4000x620x40mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £229.99
3000x720x40mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £199.99
4000x720x40mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £254.99
3000x960x40mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £244.99
3000x620x27mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £137.99
4000x620x27mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £182.99
3000x720x27mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £167.99
4000x720x27mm - (Rubberwood Worktop) £202.99
Danish Oil
- (Danish Oil)

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Rubberwood Kitchen Worktop photo in UK Hevea Brasiliensis - This wood is often used in high end furniture manufacturing being valued for its dense grain attractive colour and minimal shrinkage. This wood comes out second only to bamboo for its exceptional kindness to the environment as the wood is harvested from trees that have come to the end of their latex production cycle. A member of the maple family Rubberwood has dense grain resulting in very little shrinkage, making it one of the most stable construction materials available. An entry level wood in terms of durability with Rustic Beech being a close colour and wiser investment