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Prime Beech Worktop

40mm Staves
2000x620x40mm - (Prime Beech Hardwood Worktop - 40mm Staves) £84.99
3000x620x40mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £119.99
4000x620x40mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £162.99
4000x650x40mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £140.99
3000x720x40mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £140.99
4000x720x40mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £200.99
3000x960x40mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £192.99
3000x620x27mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £82.99
4000x620x27mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £130.99
4000x720x27mm - (Prime Beech Worktop) £197.99
Broad Staves
1500x620x40mm - (Prime Beech Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £121.99
2000x620x40mm - (Prime Beech Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £217.99
2400x620x40mm - (Prime Beech Hardwood Worktop - Broad Staves) £259.99
3000x30x80mm - (Prime Beech Upstand) £28.99
Danish Oil
- (Danish Oil)

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Prime Beech Kitchen WorktopsOne of our best seller's Prime Beech is moderately priced as well as beautifully finished. Very sturdy and durable this wood is customarily used for furniture other uses include bowls, spoons, tools, plywood, and veneers. It is good for firewood and production of charcoal. Prime Beech will wonderfully adorn any counter top project, including kitchen and bathroom. The heart wood is white with a close grain and straight interlocking pattern. Fines textured and close grain, enhance the beauty of this wood.