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European Walnut

40mm Staves
3000x620x40mm - (European Walnut Worktop) £228.99
4100x620x40mm - (European Walnut Worktop) £319.99
4100x650x40mm - (European Walnut Worktop) £299.99
3000x720x40mm - (European Walnut Worktop) £307.99
4000x720x40mm - (European Walnut Worktop) £408.99
3000x960x40mm - (European Walnut Worktop) £364.99
3000x30x80mm - (European Walnut Upstand) £39.99
Danish Oil
- (Danish Oil)

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European Walnut Worktops photo in UKEuropean walnut is lighter than its African relative. It is an excellent classic wood with varying tones and rich character. European is the ideal choice when the focus of a kitchen is on its worktops as the variations in colour give it a perfectly fresh look even after years of use.

European walnut is one of the main commercial species of walnut essential for furniture and cabinetry. It is considered one of the finest woods used for high-end furniture and carving.

Interesting fact: Some cultures use the bark of the walnut tree as a toothbrush, which may improve oral hygiene as it is known to increase the pH of saliva.