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40mm Staves
1000x650x40mm - (Cherry Worktop) £95.00
2000x650x40mm - (Cherry Worktop) £155.00
3000x650x40mm - (Cherry Worktop) £220.00
4000x650x40mm - (Cherry Worktop) £279.00
1000x950x40mm - (Cherry Worktop) £195.00
2000x950x40mm - (Cherry Worktop) £230.00
3000x950x40mm - (Cherry Worktop) £330.00
4000x20x80mm - (Cherry Upstand) £34.99
Danish Oil
- (Danish Oil)

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Cherry ImageCherry is highly prized around the world, and has been used in many different applications over the years. Cherry lumber makes beautiful cabinets and fine furniture, and can also be turned in a lathe to produce durable handles for tools and kitchen implements. Although it is a moderately expensive wood, cherry cuts cleanly, polishes well and turns a deep rich red colour as it ages. The sapwood is nearly white with pinkish brown heartwood. Grain is straight with fine close pattern.